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Wokingham Hospital

Contact Information

Wokingham Hospital
41 Barkham Road
RG41 2RE

Phone: 0118 322 7202

How Is The Service Provided

The clinic provides a confidential service, this mean we won't share any information you give us with anyone outside the clinic without your permission unless we are worried about your safety.

The clinic is staffed by both male and female nurses who undertake assessments and examinations.

All services are free and there are no prescription charges.

Opening Times

Tuesday CLOSED
Wednesday CLOSED

3.00pm - 4.30pm -  Contraception and sexual health check ups for people 25 and under, and sexual health check ups for all.

Saturday CLOSED

Who Is Eligible For This Service

Sexual Health Screening is available for all.

Contraception is provided for those aged 25 and under.

Emergency contraception is available for all.

What Will Happen At Your Appointment

Routine blood tests are taken for HIV, Syphilis and Hepatitis (if indicated).

People with no symptoms: Men usually just need to provide a urine sample.

Women usually just need to take their own vaginal swab.

People with symptoms will need to call the Florey Clinic for advice.

For women this includes an internal examination. Various swabs may be taken during this examination as required to provide the best possible care.

Results from all tests are available within 14 days and will be sent via text message.

We will discuss your contraception needs and work with you to provide the best method for your requirements.

Useful Information For Patients

Men, please do not pass urine 1 hour before attending for your appointment.

We are unable to fit intrauterine devices (IUD) or intrauterine systems (IUS) in this clinic. If you require this method of contraception then you will be asked to attend the main Florey clinic.

Making A Referral

All services are walk in, no referral or appointment required.

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