There has recently been an increase in monkeypox cases within the UK, however the risk of catching it remains low. Monkeypox can affect anyone; however the majority of monkeypox cases in the UK continue to be in gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men (MSM), with the infection being passed on mainly through close contact between people in interconnected sexual networks. Therefore, these groups in particular are advised to be aware of the symptoms, especially any new rashes or lesions on any part of their body. If you have symptoms of monkeypox please contact a sexual health service or call NHS 111. For more information, please visit nhs.uk.

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The Lodge under 19's drop in clinic, Bracknell

Contact Information

The Lodge
Braccan Walk, The Ring
RG12 1DR

Phone: 07860 020 030

How Is The Service Provided

Drop in sessions (no appointment needed) offer confidential help and advice about sexual health including:

  • pregnancy testing
  • chlamydia testing
  • condom distribution
  • contraception
  • relationship advice 

Opening Times

Tuesdays 14:30 - 16:30

Who Is Eligible For This Service

Under 19's in Bracknell Forest

What Will Happen At Your Appointment

Braccan Walk is a clinic for young people to go for sexual health services. Inside they’ll have a radio on, probably some magazines and strategic pot plants. The clinic is open after school and the staff are trained to work with young people, to make them feel at ease, to take their time with them. Often they are tested by young people (as ‘mystery shoppers’) to see how good they are.

All services are confidential - this means that they aren't allowed to tell anyone that they've seen you. Services take confidentiality very very seriously (if people think they blab about them then they might not come) and this is true even if someone if under 16. The only time they have to tell someone they've seen you is if they think you are at really serious risk of harm. 

They don't tell you parents. Young people are encouraged to speak to their parents/carer or trusted adult in their lives. Often young people attend services with this person. Clinics can give under 16s treatment without their parents knowledge if it is in the best interests of the young person and they couldn't be persuaded to tell their parent/carer.

Useful Information For Patients

Anybody requiring sexual health support can call 0300 365 7777.

Please be aware if you are aged >16 you can order free home testing kits through this website
for the four most common STI's - Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea, Syphilis and HIV.

Making A Referral

No referral required

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