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PrEP Impact Trial

What is the PrEP Impact Trial?

New intervention efforts are required to reduce the estimated 4,700 HIV infections that occur annually in England of which 2,800 occur among men who have sex with men (MSM).  The UK  PROUD trial showed that  PrEP (Tenofovir-containing drug treatment)  is highly effective at preventing HIV in people who are currently HIV-negative but at high risk of HIV. 

The PrEP impact trial aims to address key questions about the large-scale use of PrEP and questions surrounding eligibility and its uptake.  In addition this trial will assess under real world conditions the impact of PrEP use on new HIV diagnoses and on sexually transmitted infections, compared to historical records.  The results will inform service commissioners about how to support clinical and cost effective PrEP access in the future.

There are 2 ways of taking PrEP as part of the trial: Daily dosing or event-based dosing (EBD).  EBD cannot be used for heterosexuals and transgender men as this has not been assessed for effectiveness, nor for people with active Hepatitis B infection.

Potentially eligible participants will be identified following a clinical risk assessment.  If successful, participants who consent to enroll in the trial will be allocated a trial ID, receive a full health check including a Sexual Health screen and be prescribed PrEP at their local Sexual Health clinic.  Each participant would be expected to return every 3 months for Sexual Health screening and to be prescribed further PrEP medication.

How can I access the trial in Berkshire?

Florey clinic PrEP impact trial

(Berkshire West)


Garden clinic PrEP impact trial (Berkshire East)


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